A Night with the Stars

One night, While standing at the terraces, Drink on hand and thoughts amassed, I looked up and said a silent prayer: That I may see the stars And enjoy their company On this Saturday evening. To my surprise, The clouds parted, The fog disappeared, And the shimmer of the Northern Star Greeted me with eagerness….

Questions Left Unanswered

A monologue about life’s unanswered questions

Old Sketches

As I continue to clean, sort, and organize my jambalaya of a portfolio, I came across these small sketches while skimming my promptly named “Artworks” folder (and the third folder named as such, with the first two containing my old text file notes. Yes. I was that disorganized). Some of these pieces I made during one of…

Just Start.

A note to myself (and probably to the other creatives out there).

To Listen and Be Listened To

“I’m never good enough…” Says one. “Why does he hate me?” Says another. “How come I can’t be in a stable relationship?” Says another still. I’ve heard countless other things that seem too innumerable even for me to recall. I’ve been the listening ear of my friends, classmates, colleagues, students, supervisors, subordinates. I’ve been, and…

Three Times

Three times I was promised on something,Three times I was denied. I want to blame people for their insolence,For their false hopes,For their short-mindedness. I want to let my emotions run free,So that they can seeThat while I’m gentle in natureI too have power as deep and as mysterious as the ocean:Serene when calm, unstoppable…


People consider rainy days as moments of sadness and tears. I consider otherwise. Sitting beside a window sill on a rainy afternoon, with a book on hand and a cup of green tea within reach sounds like a perfect way to enjoy my own company.