Three Times

Three times I was promised on something,
Three times I was denied.

I want to blame people for their insolence,
For their false hopes,
For their short-mindedness.

I want to let my emotions run free,
So that they can see
That while I’m gentle in nature
I too have power as deep and as mysterious as the ocean:
Serene when calm, unstoppable when provoked.

But I know, deep inside, that it is not their fault.
I know, deep inside, that I accomplish nothing
If I become the person I very dread:
Insensitive, Selfish, Inconsiderate.

So who am I to pass judgment?
For I too am human,
and I may have committed the same mistake in ways I might not even notice.
Who should I blame for the unfairness bestowed on my fate?
Who should I accuse for the false hopes and empty promises?

Three times I asked a question,
Three times I’m left unanswered.


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