A Night with the Stars

One night, While standing at the terraces, Drink on hand and thoughts amassed, I looked up and said a silent prayer: That I may see the stars And enjoy their company On this Saturday evening. To my surprise, The clouds parted, The fog disappeared, And the shimmer of the Northern Star Greeted me with eagerness….

Questions Left Unanswered

A monologue about life’s unanswered questions

Just Start.

A note to myself (and probably to the other creatives out there).


People consider rainy days as moments of sadness and tears. I consider otherwise. Sitting beside a window sill on a rainy afternoon, with a book on hand and a cup of green tea within reach sounds like a perfect way to enjoy my own company.

Why the Rush?

I see people rushing, Going somewhere, anywhere, EVERYWHERE, Everything at a fast pace, Always on the Rush, Keeping with the Time, Racing with Time, No time for mistakes, No time to breathe, No time to pause… GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE! Enough of the mindless routine! Enough of the same old pace! Enough of…


Today I yearn to talk to somebody. Not in a romantic sense. Oh no. I want to talk to that person and discuss things that make him/her human: Mistakes.Achievements.Regrets.Hopes and Dreams.Fears.Wishes. I want to learn from him or her.I want to step inside his or her shoes, and, even if it is for a fleeting…